5 Equally Desirable Places to Live in Minneapolis Today

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If you’re looking for a new place and want to find a high-quality area with plenty of amenities, Minneapolis is a great choice! It boasts an excellent quality of life with various attractions, world-class restaurants, and exciting nightlife. With the abundance of activities, natural beauty, and cultural attractions, there’s something for everyone in this dynamic and vibrant city. 

Read on to discover which areas are the most desirable for buyers and agents alike.

1. Linden Hills 

Living in Linden Hills is a dream come true for many. The neighborhood is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and high standard of living. It’s rich with lush green parks, winding streets, and cozy homes tucked into the landscape.

Plus, you’re never far from an urban paradise. Being just minutes away from downtown Minneapolis, you can enjoy everything the city offers without leaving the comforts of home. The thriving local economy and abundant employment opportunities make Linden Hills a great place to live and work. 

2. Nokomis

This vibrant neighborhood in south Minneapolis offers a great blend of convenience, affordability, and amenities. Located near Lake Nokomis and Minnehaha Creek, the area is perfect for nature enthusiasts looking to enjoy various outdoor activities. 

There are plenty of shopping and dining options and easy access to major highways and public transportation. Nokomis is also known for its diverse housing options, with various prices, styles, and sizes available. Whether you are looking for an affordable apartment or a luxury home, you can find it in Nokomis.

3. Prospect Park

With its quiet streets, beautiful homes, and access to parks, it’s no wonder why this neighborhood has become increasingly popular with Minneapolis residents. Prospect Park offers something for everyone, from the charming Craftsman-style homes to the cozy bungalows and modern mid-rises. 

Whether you’re looking for a starter property or an upscale dwelling, the neighborhood has many housing options that suit all lifestyles and budgets.  Residents can enjoy these recreational areas for picnics, jogs, playgrounds, swimming spots, and more. There are also several biking trails and other outdoor activities nearby.

4. Whittier

Its prime location allows for speedy commutes and easy access to the best of all that Minneapolis offers. Residents can enjoy being close to the University of Minnesota, downtown businesses, and various entertainment venues.

As if that weren’t enough, Whittier also offers a variety of outdoor recreation activities, like biking along the Mississippi river or enjoying a picnic in nearby parks. Plus, with its large immigrant population come vibrant festivals and events throughout the year that everyone can enjoy.

5. Downtown West

Its convenience is a significant draw, as it is within walking distance of some of the city’s best restaurants, bars, and shops. Public transportation, bike trails, and other amenities make a living in Downtown West incredibly convenient for those looking for an urban lifestyle.

The area offers beautiful loft spaces, condos, and houses in modern buildings, all situated against a backdrop of natural beauty – from the Mississippi River to Lake Calhoun. Its proximity to local universities and colleges makes it an excellent option for students who want to be close to their studies. 


Minneapolis has a plethora of desirable locations to live in. Whether you’re looking for an urban cityscape, a recreational lake district, or a cozy suburb – Minneapolis has you covered. It’s vital for real estate agents to familiarize themselves with all these great cities offers so that they can provide their clients with the best possible advice and recommendations. 

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