3 Best Online Courses for Real Estate Exam

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When preparing for the real estate exam, Real Estate Express, Kaplan Real Estate Education, and Mbition by The CE Shop stand out. Real Estate Express offers interactive content and live Q&A sessions. Kaplan Real Estate Education provides well-structured programs and live online classes. Mbition by The CE Shop features in-depth courses and practice exams. Each platform provides flexible, mobile-friendly access and thorough study materials. These courses are tailored to suit different learning styles and help students gain the confidence needed to pass the exam. Explore further to find which course best aligns with your learning needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Real Estate Express offers interactive content, live Q&A sessions, and progress tracking to help students prepare for the real estate exam.
  • Kaplan Real Estate Education features live online classes and regularly updated study materials for a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Mbition by The CE Shop provides exhaustive course content, practice exams, and a user-friendly platform for flexible study.
  • Real Estate Express has study packages from basic to advanced levels, catering to various needs and learning preferences.
  • Kaplan Real Estate Education offers a mobile-friendly platform, allowing students to access course materials anytime, anywhere.

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express offers thorough online courses designed to prepare students for the real estate exam. Their courses are exhaustive and user-friendly, making them suitable for beginners. The platform boasts a range of course features that cater to different learning styles.

One remarkable feature is the interactive content. This includes quizzes, videos, and case studies. These elements help students grasp complex concepts more easily. Additionally, Real Estate Express provides a progress tracker. This tool allows students to monitor their learning journey and stay on schedule. Another valuable feature is the live Q&A sessions. Students can interact with experienced instructors and get their questions answered in real-time.

Real Estate Express also offers a variety of study packages. These packages range from basic to advanced levels. The Basic package includes essential course materials and practice exams. The Exam Preparation package adds extra practice tests and exam strategies. For those seeking more support, the Ultimate Learning package offers live webinars and a one-year membership to professional development resources.

Pricing details are straightforward. The Basic package starts at around $99. The Exam Preparation package is priced at approximately $139. The Ultimate Learning package costs about $399. These prices may vary based on the state requirements and any ongoing promotions.

Kaplan Real Estate Education

Kaplan Real Estate Education offers thorough online courses tailored to help students excel in the real estate exam. Their programs are well-structured, providing the necessary tools and resources. The courses are designed to fit different learning styles, guaranteeing every student can find something that works for them.

One of the key features of Kaplan Real Estate Education is the quality of their study materials. They offer textbooks, online resources, and practice exams. These materials are regularly updated to reflect the latest industry standards and exam requirements. This confirms that students are well-prepared for their exams.

Course reviews for Kaplan Real Estate Education are generally positive. Students appreciate the detailed explanations and the interactive elements of the courses. Many reviews highlight the effectiveness of the practice exams in identifying areas where students need improvement. This targeted approach helps students focus their study efforts more efficiently.

In addition to standard study materials, Kaplan offers live online classes. These classes are led by experienced instructors who can answer questions in real-time. This interactive format provides a classroom-like experience from the comfort of home. Students find this particularly helpful for complex topics.

Another standout feature is the flexibility of Kaplan's courses. Students can study at their own pace, making it easier to balance education with other commitments. The mobile-friendly platform allows access to course materials anytime, anywhere, thereby facilitating learning.

Mbition by The CE Shop

Mbition by The CE Shop offers in-depth online courses designed to prepare students for the real estate exam. The courses are structured to cover all essential topics. They aim to provide a thorough understanding of real estate principles and practices.

The course content is exhaustive. It includes lessons on property ownership, land use controls, and environmental laws. There are also modules on valuation and market analysis. The course dives deep into financing, agency principles, and contracts. This enables students to be well-prepared for the exam.

User reviews for Mbition by The CE Shop are generally positive. Many users appreciate the detailed course content. They find the lessons easy to follow and informative. The interactive elements and practice exams are often highlighted as particularly helpful. Students feel confident in their ability to pass the exam after completing the course.

The platform is user-friendly. It allows students to study at their own pace. This flexibility is vital for many working professionals. The courses are accessible on multiple devices, making it easy to study on the go.

Mbition by The CE Shop also offers support. There are resources available for students who need extra help. This includes access to instructors and additional study materials, providing students with extra guidance to facilitate their learning.


Real Estate Express, Kaplan Real Estate Education, and Mbition by The CE Shop offer top-quality online courses for preparing for the real estate exam. Each program provides in-depth materials, expert instruction, and flexible learning options. These courses are designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in their licensing exams. Choosing any of these reputable courses can substantially enhance the likelihood of passing the real estate exam on the first attempt.

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